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Texas Auto Marketing - Search Engine Marketing For Auto Dealers

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"If the buyer doesn't know you exist...
they can't buy from you!"

Ray Evans     

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At Texas Auto Marketing, we've been helping Texas dealers sell online for almost twenty years (see About Us).

Until recently, we have limited our inbound/outbound marketing assistance to a few select dealers.  We are now offering our seventeen years experience and expertise to a few non-competing Texas dealers.

If you like dealing one-on-one with people that are as passionate about the car business as you are, contact us to see if your brand is available in your area.

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The vast majority of your customers come from a twenty to twenty-five mile radius of your dealership.  How many dealers do you have in that area?  Ten?Twenty?  More? 

Even if there are only ten dealers, the Search Engines usually only return five or six on the front page listings. 

How do they determine which businesses to list?  While there are many factors, one of primary factors is...more


Think Email is dead?  Think again.

Email is still the number one way people get information...and one of the least expensive ways to get it to them.

Sure, we can email your offer to your sales and/or service customer lists, but we have thousands of email addresses in your area...so we can help you reach new prospects as well.

If you need more opportunities to do business...more


The new search engine algorithms have made it near impossible to organically reach people outside of your area.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is almost a thing of the past.  Today, SEM (Search Engine Marketing) rules the roost.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, the quickest way is thru Paid Search or PPC (Pay Per Click).

If you want more traffic, quickly...more

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