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Need More Sales?

"I wrote the book on it!"

The IVAT Principle

Ray Evans, Author, "The IVAT Principle, How to Sell Almost Anything to Almost Anyone."

My name is Ray Evans.  I started selling cars in 1979.  I was a factory rep for Gulf States Toyota and have sat in every sales chair in the dealership over the last thirty plus years, including two stints as General Manager.  I know the car business.

I launched the first online Automobile Dealer directory, dfwAutoDealers.com, in 1997 and have been helping dealers sell cars using the tools and technology of the Internet ever since.  I set up three dealership Internet departments and own over 650 domains drawing thousands of unique visitors a month through Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Search Engine Marketing (also known as Pay-Per-Click or PPC) is the best way to ensure that you will appear on the first page of a Search Engine search. In order to utilize this service you must complete the following steps:

  • Go to Google AdWords and/or Microsoft Ad Center and create accounts for your website
  • Make a list of keywords that customers are likely to use to find you and your brand
  • Create targeted campaigns for content, search, display, mobile and remarketing
  • Write short, effective advertisements that describe your product and/or services
  • Use analytics tools to choose a maximum bid price for each click on your ads
  • Determine whether to set each keyword's match type to exact, phrase, or broad
  • Enter a maximum daily advertising budget that reflects your desired investment
  • Monitor the performance of each keyword and each advertisement
  • Modify and optimize your ad copy several times a month
  • Adjust your bid strategy and keyword list, every day

PPC is the quickest way to drive traffic to your website.  There's also Social Media like FaceBook and Twitter that can cost-effectively reach millions of potential buyers.  How about your directory listings?  Are they up-to-date?  Did you know that your directory listings impact your ranking on the search engines?

You can do it yourself; but if you want help developing and implementing an effective inbound/outbound marketing strategy, doesn't it make sense to use someone who knows both the car business and the Internet?  From writing effective copy to creating graphic banners and tiles, with over thirty years automotive sales and management experience and almost twenty years marketing on the Internet I can help you in ways others can't.

Sorry, we only work with one dealer in each franchise per marketing area.

If you're interested, call me direct at 817-715-9802 or email revans@simplegrafx.com and let?s talk. 

No salesmen, no employees...just me. 

To Your Success,

"A website without a webmaster is like a car without a driver...it might look good, but it won't get you very far."


Search Engine Marketing for Auto Dealers

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