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The Time's They Are A Changin'...

In the good ole days (pre-2012) SEO was divided into Local and Universal Searches, but with the advent of Venice and then Panda, Penquin, and soon to be, Hummingbird algorithms, the SEO divide (for all practical purposes) no longer exists...everything now is Local.

In other words, Search Engines return the most relevant sites based on the searchers location, irrespective of whether it's a Universal or Local Search.

For instance, consider this search for "Dallas Law Firms"

Directory Listing Service


Google returns a number of local results, but the pages are returned for various reasons.

The first three listings are "Paid" search (PPC) listings, as are the ads on the right side of replica rolex the search results (Paid Search, PPC, is the fastest and sometimes only way to get your site listed for certain keywords or keyword phrases). Need PowerPPC?

After the first three paid results are the directory listings.  This is where PowerListings helps you.  There are over 100 Local SEO ranking factors, but most center around "Web Citations."  Citations are mentions of your business on the Internet; for instance when CitySearch lists your name, address, etc., it's a "citation."  The more "citations" your business has the more "authority" your business has with the search engines. 

Think of it this way.  Search Engines create a sort of digital file for your business; they crawl the web searching for your "citations" and put those citations in the file.  If your name, address, phone, etc. don't match, they don't get included in your "file," and thus your business doesn't get "credit" for the citation.  Are you beginning to understand why it's important to be listed on as many directories as possible and all the information is in sync?  The businesses with the most citations have the best shot of getting one of replica watches the coveted spots on the front page.

With PowerListings, we claim your listing on over 50 local directories and sync the information for you; then we monitor and update on a monthly basis to keep your information fresh and relevant.

We only work with one dealer per franchise per marketing area, so contact us today to see if your brand is available.

"If the buyer doesn't know you exist...
they can't buy from you!"

Ray Evans     

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