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Power PPC - Paid Search Campaign Creation and Management

Pay to Play

You may have noticed that there are fewer and fewer "organic" (Free) listings on the first page of the search engines...and even those have been relegated to the bottom of the page.

With the advent of the new algorithms, it's getting harder to get a website ranked on the first page for more than a few keywords.

Before 2012, meta-tags were the primary focus of the search engine spiders and it was easier to "trick" the search engines into high rankings for multiple keywords.  Today, not so much.  Meta-tags like Keyword, Title, and Description, are still necessary; just not as important in ranking.

Search Engines have become more sophisticated and now search not only for relevant content, but it must be "readable" content...that is, it is no longer easy to "stuff" pages with keywords.  If the content is not "readable," it is ignored (and may even get your page de-listed if you're guilty of keyword stuffing)  At the same time, it is harder to get organic rankings for more than two or three keywords per page.

So how do you get your website included in the "organic" listings on the first page of the search engine results?

First, you must have relevant content on every page of your website targeting specific keywords.  Then you must have the correct number of keywords (keyword density)...not too many, not to few.  Sounds like a "Goldilocks" fairy tale doesn't it?

Search Engines have one responsibility...to provide the most relevant content to the searcher.  That means returning those sites that have the highest probability of satisfying the searcher's request. 

If you're searching for a hotel, you don't want to see car rental websites...nor do you want to see hotel websites in Atlanta if you're traveling to San Francisco.  It's completely understandable, but it doesn't help the dealer in Arlington TX reach potential car buyers in Fort Worth...at least not "organically."

While PowerListings will aide in getting your business listed in your local market...it's virtually impossible to reach beyond your local area today thru organic listings.  There's simply too much competition for most dealerships to get listed outside their local area.

So how does a dealership reach farther than the local market and/or show up for more than a few keywords?  You have to pay to play.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is simply paid advertising.  It's no different than radio, television or newspaper...except PPC allows you to reach millions for pennies.

Here's how one of my dealers faired last month:

Cost Effective Paid Search Marketing

This dealer got over five million impressions last month.  You may not want to spend $5,000 to get 9,000 opportunities to do business, but you don't have to...with PPC you determine how much to spend, just like any other form of advertising.  The more you spend, the more visitors you will get to your website.  Neither will every franchise get clicks for $.59...some highly competitive franchises can run several dollars per click.  How much are you paying for a "lead?"  Twenty dollars?  Twenty-Five dollars? 

Fortunately, most dealerships are unaware of the potential of online advertising, so if you want to dominate your market, move some money from the traditional forms of advertising and get on the digital bandwagon. 

Be careful, PPC can be an extremely effective form of advertising or a complete waste of money.  It sounds easy, but PPC is an art-form.  You can do it yourself; but if you don't have tools or the expertise for keyword selection and copy writing or you don't have the time to monitor, test and manage a campaign, whether it's Google or Facebook, it's best to let someone who does, do it. 

We've been helping dealers sell online using the tools and technology of the Internet for over seventeen years.  We're experts at selecting keywords, writing copy and managing efficient and cost-effective PPC campaigns on Google and Facebook. 

We only work with one dealer per franchise per marketing area, so contact us today to see if your brand is available.


"If the buyer doesn't know you exist...
they can't buy from you!"

Ray Evans     

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